Sunken Houses (2014) Stereo channel audio, 25:54 min [Riegler] in combination with photography by Brad Marsellos. (Digital photography – archival giclee print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, 100 x 75 cm) Exhibition runs until 27th of April 2014. Details.

Sleep Health performance at DARK MOFO 2014. June 21, Odeon Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania. Program + Tickets.

minus20degree (2014). Curated by Ana Rita Marques, Elisa Mante, Heinz Riegler, Stefanos Filippas and Theo Deutinger. Details. 

Health (2013)

Sleep (2013)

Sleep Health (tape/digital) Score for a Mineral Landscape (12

New Releases

Sleep Health tape and digital — order via A Guide To Saints / Room40. [edition of 100 cassettes].

Score for a Mineral Landscape 12” vinyl — order via bandcamp. [edition of 120, vinyl only].

Score for a Mineral Landscape box set — order via Big Cartel [edition of 30].

Score for a Mineral Landscape (Installation - 2013) Six channel audio [Riegler] in combination with 1.2 x 15 meter oil on linen painting by  Allyson ReynoldsExhibition from June 27 until August 10, 2013. 

Unlearning - graphite on paper, 26 x 28.5 cm (2013). #32 – 49, (SOLD OUT)  view hereUnlearning – graphite on paper, 21 x 15 cm (2012 – 2013). #1–31, enquiries here

Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) available via A Guide To Saints / Room40 shop. (2012)

Auflösung - exhibition at Kapitelplatz. (Salzburg, Austria, June 2012).

No Colour, No Sound, Part I (2012)  

Keep That Heart Pumping  (2012)

Minus20Degree Festival [with TD Architects] Details  (Flachau, Austria, February 2012)

Sixty Seconds in Flachau (2011)

Playing reed organ in Lawrence English’s Lonely Women’s Club  (London, UK - 2011)

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